One love baby. 



Here in Minnesota, the winters are iconic. Beautiful white fluffy snow, sunny days with subzero temperatures, frostbite, and arid dry air are all de rigueur to the average bear.  How to keep fresh and well-moisturized? Aside from being blessed with viking bloodlines, and a childhood of being turned outside everyday after school to play in the snow; there are some fantastic natural remedies you can try to stay supple + sane this winter, regardless of your latitude. 

+ One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Multi-Balm /// this omega-3 rich cold-pressed plant oil is so versatile. It removes makeup with a shammy or soft cloth, moisturizes the face, cuticles + lips, can be mixed with mineral makeup to form a foundation, and is the perfect shave cream. Safe to say I'm obsessed with it and it's subtle sweet orange smell. 

+ The fabulous Dr. Bronner's Virgin Coconut Oil /// crazy-good for you inside and out, I use coconut oil as a lotion and recently started using it in the shower before I hop out. It keeps your skin so lovely + soft and is great for split ends, removing makeup, natural deodorant and really helps eczema and those stubborn little bumps on the backs of your arms. I like the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps brand as its expeller pressed virgin, organic, and free-trade.

+ Good old humidifier /// i keep one of these steamy little puppies running all night and it makes a huge difference in how i wake up. Keeps skin hydrated and blasts some moisture into that arid winter indoor air. 

+ Raw Honey/// i've been smearing this on my face after a cold day and letting it steam as a mask. Super healing to skin brutalized by a polar vortex and naturally anti-bacterial. Great for the acne caused by dehydrated, flaky skin.

+ Skin Brush/// great for exfoliation and making sure your moisturizer + serums absorb really well, these little sonic brushes are fantastic. This one is great for travel.

+Rosehip Seed Oil/// after I read supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by this stuff, my curiosity was piqued. It has worked incredibly well on my skin and these berries have tons of natural vitamin A, which is fantastic for aging and acne. I apply it before bed after cleansing and applying a hydrosol. I got an organic one from Whole Foods. Look for cold-pressed. 

+Foot File/// a classic, super satisfying to see all the dead skin you remove! Also I have it on authority people you sleep with appreciate not getting sliced by super rough heels whilst trying to warm your ice cold tootsies. 

+One Love Organics Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist /// a quick blast of vitamin D feels so good when you haven't seen much sun in days. This stuff soothes skin, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. I ran out two days ago and have been patiently waiting for my new bottle. 

+Little Moon Essentials Letting Go Bath Salts /// a delicious spicy warming ginger detoxifying bath, super effective for symptoms of cold + flu, sore muscles, chills, itching, depression, and headaches. Feels so good.

What natural remedies do you swear by in the midst of a polar vortex? 


i have a dear friend Mer visiting from richmond this week for a little fun summer camp session and we are having such a rip-roaring time with lots of laughter and fantastic food + drinks. it's important to me to carve out time for out-of-town buddies to stay connected. towards the end of the summer I always feel nostalgic for the summer camps I visited as a kid so it's fun to get a buddy here and do some summer activities, grown-up style.

Mer made some tasty little adult beverages perfect for sipping outside on the sun and I'd love to share the recipe. I added some st. germain elderflower liquor to add a little punch of flowery herby flavor. 

limeade sippers
-prairie organic vodka (or whatever hooch you have kicking around the cabinet) 
-stevia or sugar
-club soda
-limes & lime juice 
-elderflower liquor 

cut up a lime in half and squeeze it into your glass, using a spoon to really get the insides out. leave lime in cup. add a packet of stevia and vodka. i like to use a little less (1/2 ounce) to make it more "spritzer" style but hey no judgements here, let's party. pour a couple splashes st. germain, a handful of ice & top off with club soda. mmm...refreshing and perfect for a boat cruise.